Survey – Old events in April 2022

by bibi

Hello dear blog visitors,
It is again time for choosing the old event that ladypopular will repeat in APRIL 2022.
This time we have to choose for BOARD AND DICE to be repeated.
Here is the link to the BOARD survey –
Here is the link to the DICE survey –
Ladypopular will close the surveys on 20.02.2022, so you can give your vote until then.

You can choose one of the BOARD events bellow:

Women’s day 2016
Venice Carnival 2016
Shannara Chronicles 2016
Before we met 2016
Women’s day 2017

Frida 2017
The get down 2018
The oscars 2018
Hologram Dresses and Make Up 2018
Teen Squad 2018

You can choose one of the DICE events bellow:

School Queens 2016
Fantastic Beasts 2016
Spring Time 2017
Riverdale 2017
Easter 2018
Bold Fashion Journey 2018
Tropic Vibes 2018

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