Flashback Solitaire event: Queen of Sin

by bibi

Dear visitors, Discover the 7 deadly sins in a mind-blowing event in September in Lady Popular!
Seven queens representing the 7 sins.💎👑💍
Seven outfits. 👗
Seven hairstyles.😮😮😮
Seven backgrounds.🤯

Deck 1 Lust

Final reward:

Deck 2 Gluttony


Final reward:

Deck 3 Avarice


Final reward:

Deck 4 Sloth


Final reward:

Deck 5 Wrath


Final reward:

Deck 6 Envy


Final reward:

Deck 7 Vanity


Final reward:

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1 comment

salma kasem 20/09/2022 - 15:22

great job thanks

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