Superheroes Event: The land of the rising sun

by bibi

Hello adventure lovers! 
Welcome to the land of the rising sun. 
This visit will be unique and unlike anywhere else that you have been. 
In this event, you will find beautiful hairstyles and clothes, new tattoos, and new face features – lips, nose, eyes, and eyebrows. 

How to play?
Now it’s your chance to get rewards by challenging the Japanese lady and receive amazing rewards!
Some super potions, available in the game, will help you win!

And it is easy to play! Just press the button and move a square further.
Every 2 hours you can make a free move, thus closing the next outfit.
If you are out of patience, then you can pay in diamonds!

1st spot
1 2

2nd stop

3rd stop

 1 2

4th spot

1 2

5th spot

1 2

1 2

6th spot

1 2 

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